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This idea came after a plan to populate this forum. I loaded between 50 and 1000 upload photos on a website. Each picture appears if you won or not the one of the 3 prizes. I chose to write on a picture in JPEG format because anyone can come with a picture taken by him and he can say that won but actually it can be edited by himself.
The picture created by me has my signature.

To become a potential winner you must give one of the links posted by me, to fill one of those forms of access to download the picture.
After you downloaded the picture, enter it like any other pic and check what it says on the picture, if you won or not.If so ,there will be prize you won. If you won one of the 3 prizes, add one of my IDs:
awards_luckylink or

If you're wondering what I have to won if I offer these prizes, I will tell you.From every person which access the links, I get a percentage ,not very much, but modestly.Besides of this, the forum's population will grow..

Even if you are my friend, rules are rules, no exception!
Do not forget that, I am the ADMINISTRATOR and I respect the rules with blood!
All the members are equals in rights, if a member is a friend with an ADMINISTRATOR, doesn't mean he's superior than other members!
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[INFO] Lucky Link
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